Combat Fatigue


Fatigue is a pretty common problem that is experienced by people once they hit middle age. It is something that everyone can experience. However, fatigue is something that any person can also fight. Here are the sure fire ways to combat fatigue.

If you are feeling constantly tired after barely doing anything, then it is time for you to see a doctor. This could be a symptom to a more serious disease such as diabetes, thyroid disease, etc.

Exercise more often. You might be thinking, I’m feeling stressed and you want me to get moving? Yes! Exercise has been proven to improve overall quality of life.

Drink plenty of water. A person can easily feel weak when they are dehydrated.

Get enough hours of sleep. Go to bed early.

Eat more often, but only small meals. This will help steady the blood sugar which helps give a person energy through out the day.

Fatigue – when to see a doctor
doctor with patient
Though fatigue is commonly associated with factors such as lack of sleep, anxiety, stress and poor nutrition, all of which can be overcome by proper management techniques, you should know when your fatigue tells it’s time for you to see your doctor.

Fatigue that does not go away even after having ample rest and sleep may be an indication for you to see your doctor. Persistent feeling of fatigue may mean you have other health problems which need to be diagnosed.

Some medical conditions related to fatigue are diabetes, depression, cancer, anemia, and thyroid disorder. When consulting your doctor about your fatigue, you should explain to him in detail when and how long you have been suffering from such condition to enable him determine what diagnostic tests you need to undergo.

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