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Though fatigue is commonly associated with factors such as lack of sleep, anxiety, stress and poor nutrition, all of which can be overcome by proper management techniques, you should know when your fatigue tells it’s time for you to see your doctor.

Fatigue that does not go away even after having ample rest and sleep may be an indication for you to see your doctor. Persistent feeling of fatigue may mean you have other health problems which need to be diagnosed.

Some medical conditions related to fatigue are diabetes, depression, cancer, anemia, and thyroid disorder. When consulting your doctor about your fatigue, you should explain to him in detail when and how long you have been suffering from such condition to enable him determine what diagnostic tests you need to undergo.


単にいくつかのことを変えることで、疲労による精神的な落ち込みを防止することができます。 疲労の最も一般的で見過ごされがちな原因は脱水症です。 大量の水を飲むことは、何度も繰り返し耳にすることですが、それでも一日において十分な水分を取るに至っていません。 脱水症は、血量は低下の原因となり、また、器官への血のめぐりを妨げ、脳の機能を低下させます。 一日に少なくとも8杯の水を飲み、のどが渇いてから初めて水を口にするということはやめましょう。

Social media is a form of entertainment. People spend so many hours going through different social media websites. Everywhere you go, you meet people who are using Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. As entertaining as it is, social media is a big cause of people’s stress. In fact, a recent study shows that a good number of people want to take a step back from their current virtual lives.

Why is social media getting stressful? Well the first reason is it takes so much of a person’s time that they are getting less time for their responsibilities such as work or school. It is also taking a toll with real social life, meaning, person to person interaction. It can easily take away a much needed quality time for family, friends, schoolmates, co-workers, etc.

So many bullying is also done through social media. There can be some negativity to be seen that it can be a major cause of depression, anxiety, sadness, etc.




Fatigue is a pretty common problem that is experienced by people once they hit middle age. It is something that everyone can experience. However, fatigue is something that any person can also fight. Here are the sure fire ways to combat fatigue.

If you are feeling constantly tired after barely doing anything, then it is time for you to see a doctor. This could be a symptom to a more serious disease such as diabetes, thyroid disease, etc.

Exercise more often. You might be thinking, I’m feeling stressed and you want me to get moving? Yes! Exercise has been proven to improve overall quality of life.

Drink plenty of water. A person can easily feel weak when they are dehydrated.

Get enough hours of sleep. Go to bed early.

Eat more often, but only small meals. This will help steady the blood sugar which helps give a person energy through out the day.


It is normal to experience travel fatigue or jet lag whenever you have to go to a long flight. Jet lag is a temporary disorder wherein one a person feels some symptoms like headache, dizziness, insomnia, dehydration, diarrhea, etc. After a flight that involves flying to a different time zone, it is hard to have your body go and transition to having a normal energetic body. To fight this, you must be able to fall asleep during the flight. Long hour flights like 8 hours or more, you need to sleep through it. You might not be able to sleep the entire time but it’s important to sleep at least half the time. The second thing to do is to sleep when you land, at night. Fight having to sleep off during the day. The most important third step is to be able to exercise/do cardio on the first morning after you arrive. Exercising will boost your energy and will help put your body right on track.



A lot of people lead a very busy and hectic lifestyle. This is why it is quite easy to find yourself too stressed out. In a world where everything is moving too fast, it’s easy to get so worried and tired. But there are a lot of ways to battle stress and this is where the art of yoga steps in. Yoga can easily take all your stress away after one good session. This is because yoga includes breathing control,much like the one done during meditation. It also promotes good posture and ethical discipline.

Yoga is all about the flow of movements. It is about the stretching the body and forming different movements with grace. It also encourages the breathing to be in sync with each movement of the body which  helps the body relax deeply into each pose. The goal is to keep your mind aware of each movement, therefore focusing only on the body and not anything else.

It has been scientifically proven that exercise can definitely help relieve stress and tension in the body. Pilates is one of the best fatigue fighting work out. The mindful characteristic of pilates is a successful tool because it focuses on body relaxation. During the exercise, only the muscles needed for the activity should be recruited, while all other muscles remain relaxed.

Pilates also promotes good breathing. It uses diaphragmatic breathing or “moment awareness” in people’s busy lives. This reminds people to experience life in the present moment and allows them time to recognize distress and choose an alternative response on how to handle tricky situations. It also promotes concentration. This technique teaches a person to be aware of different muscles. Contracting and relaxing body parts.

Pilates was developed in the the early 20th century by a man named Joseph Pilates. He was a physical-culturist born in Germany, in 1883. He developed it for the purpose of strengthening the human mind and body. He believed that mental and physical health are interrelated, which clearly we now this to be true.


If you need a quick energy picker upper after a full on stressful day, then there’s no need to look further. You may have the solution in the comfort of your own kitchen. Whole wheat food is one of the best and natural way to give you back your energy. It will also, not add too much lbs on your body.

Whole wheat snacks contain different vitamins that help boost a person’s mood. Take for example the Tytrophan which is an amino acid that produces Serotonin which acts sort of like an “upper”  Compared to simple carbohydrates, (white bread/sugar rich food) which gives you instant energy but quickly depletes sugar which then leads to fatigue, whole wheat food provides a more balanced source of lasting energy. B-Vitamin filled whole wheat food also helps a person have a good sleeping pattern and stabilizes blood sugar. Adding whole wheat on your diet is the best lifestyle change you can do for yourself.


The reason for the comparison (lest our hunky jocks complain to be likened to grand-folks) is that the calcium leaking out of muscle cells – something that is prone to both athletes and the elderly. According to physiologists from the Columbia University Medical Center in New York, this process weakens muscle force and it activates protein-digesting enzyme that damages muscle fibers which may eventually cause feelings of extreme fatigue.

The study also says that,

“People with chronic heart failure are subject to this same kind of muscle leak and damage constantly even without doing any exercise,” Marks said in a statement. “One of these patients’ most debilitating symptoms is muscle weakness and fatigue, which can be so bad they can’t get out of bed, brush their teeth, or feed themselves.”

Source: United Press International


Christmas is such a happy holiday that you almost want to question “How is it that almost everyone turn into The Grinch this time of the year?” It can easily get stressful for many reasons. It can be because of the pressure of getting the right presents, decorating the house, spending time with nosy family members or even just being alone. So to avoid having an emotional breakdown in the middle of Christmas dinner, here are some tips to help you make this Christmas season stress free!

- Before going shopping for presents, take your time to sit and write each item you need. Decide on a budget. Not just for the presents but also for travel plans, meals etc. AND STICK TO IT. You can add a few hundred bucks for emergency purposes.

- Do the Christmas shopping as early as possible. You’ll find items are cheaper when it’s not in season. Last minute shopping is the worst!

- Appreciate everything. From Christmas lunch/dinners, family members, presents you receive. Smile and breathe, it will be over soon enough!